The RCSCC Admiral Mountbatten Biathlon Team begins training in early to mid fall working on strength, flexibility, and cardio. During early winter the cadets move onto cross-country skate skiing and range training with cadet biathlon 22LR Rifles. In February the Biathlon team competes annually in the Northern Ontario Area (N.O.A) Regional Biathlon Competition, typically made of 10 cadets (5 females and 5 males). Each member of the team competes in 2 races (one singles race and one doubles race). Cadets that place on the podium or are drawn in the wildcard slot can move on to provincial level events that typically take place a few weeks after the N.O.A Regional Competition. The cadets also get the chance to train and race mock races with the other local cadet corps during the mid winter to prepare for the N.O.A Regional Competition.

Cross-country skis and boots are supplied at no charge to the participating members of the team.