Scholarship Program

Commander Gerald Bradley
Mountbatten Alumni Association
Scholarship Program

The Commander Gerald Bradley Mountbatten Alumni Association (MAA) Scholarship Program aims to provide financial support to cadets looking to pursue or who are currently enrolled in post-secondary studies.  This scholarship program recognizes an applicant's academic and non-academic performance including community involvement through volunteer service and work experience.

Who can Apply?

MAA scholarships are available to any current RCSCC Admiral Mountbatten cadet who has completed a minimum of (3) three years (including the one in which the application is made) as a cadet in the Canadian Cadet Organization (CCO).  Cadets who have aged out of the CCO before the end of the current training year, or who have had to leave prior to the end of the training year due to circumstances out of their control (ie age, illness, moving away for school etc.,), are eligible to apply.  Previous MAA Scholarship recipients are not eligible to apply.  

How and When to Apply?

Scholarship application forms and supporting documents are submitted to the MAA Scholarship committee no later than the deadline established for the application year.  Talk to your divisional officer for details and criteria regarding the application and supporting documents. 

Note: Mountbatten Alumni Association Scholarships are available through the generosity of donors. The successful scholarship recipient will be expected to share their story on how the scholarship has helped them achieve their post-secondary goals. This will be done through articles in the MAA newsletter and with photos, as well as be shared with the members of the Mountbatten Alumni Association and scholarship donors. The successful recipient will also be asked to thank the donors. This can be done through formal letter, card, video or other methods.

For any general questions, please direct them to a corps officer.  For information about the application process, or criteria, please contact the Mountbatten Alumni Scholarship committee at